Helpful Hints For Skin Care In Cold Weather

If you are in cold weather often, you have to protect your skin even better than you do in warm weather. The cool and dry winds can dry out your healthy skin rather quickly, and this leads to discomfort and many other problems. Continue reading to find helpful hints for taking care of your skin in cold weather.

If you live in a cold climate, make sure you’re not showering in extremely hot water. While this is tempting, this agitates your skin. This intensely moistens your skin, and then it dries out rather quickly upon reaching the cold weather again. You need to use luke warm water to shower in, or hot water just not too hot. Make sure you adhere to this rule.

It is a better idea to use body wash instead of using soap. In cold weather, soap and its residue can be more harmful to skin than helpful. As a running liquid, body wash acts as a better agent for cleaning your skin. Many people prefer to use body wash in today’s world anyway, so make sure this is what you’re doing.

The use of body lotion in cold weather is a must. You have to use body lotion to keep your skin moist and soft. This helps keep your skin from getting dry, and it is part of moisturizing and hydrating your skin on a daily basis.

Make sure you stay as covered up as possible when you are outside. This is to make sure that the cold weather doesn’t have as much of a chance to irritate and dry out your skin. This protects your healthy skin and keeps it under the conditions of warmth in your clothing and the products that are keeping it soft and moist.

Make sure you know the signs of frost bite. It is easy to let it sneak up on you, and this is detrimental to your skin. Even the events that lead up to frost bite shouldn’t be something your skin goes through. You really have to watch yourself in extremely cold climates.

There are certain drinks like soda that contain caffeine and actually dehydrate you instead of hydrate you. You should be drinking healthy drinks, and these are drinks that hydrate your skin like water and natural juices.

Make sure you protect your lips. Of course when the weather is cold, lips are the first thing to get dry. You must be prepared for this, and you must have the necessary products to help take care of your lips.

When you are drying your skin off, you don’t need to rub hard and scrape with the towel. You just need to pat dry and rub very gently when you are drying off. If you rub hard, you are going to agitate your skin and this isn’t good.

Winter and cold weather can dry out your skin quickly, but don’t let that keep you inside. As long as you use the tips that you have read in this article, your skin should stay hydrated and protected in cold temperatures without a problem.

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